Real Learning • Real Engagement • Positive vibes • Unleashed potential
Machon Smicha was established to create an opportunity for 19 year old boys to excel in their learning and in their Yiddishkiet. Machon Smicha's positive and energetic atmosphere, combined with individual care and respect are the keys for a bochur to tap into his potential.

Machon Smicha can help you accomplish your goals in a positive, supportive and non judgmental environment.


Machon Smicha is dedicated to nineteen years old bochurim, who are committed to their Yiddishkiet and are looking to obtain Smicha.

At Machon Smicha we believe that in a more relaxed atmosphere, together with the individual care, respect, and trust, students can excel in their Yiddishkiet and in their learning.

The curriculum at Machon Smicha includes: Smicha studies, Chassidus, farbrengens, trips, as well as hands on extra curricular activities.
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